About Us

Neeraja Service Organisation was started in April 2018 with the support of my friends. We are serving the homeless with our level best, our team will share the contributions to serve the homeless from our monthly salary.

Neeraja Service Organisation (NSO) is a campaign to address the problems of homeless people of Tirupati. Neeraja Service Organisation (NSO) believes that it is the fundamental right of every person that everyone should have a home, food, and clothing. 

It is based on the belief that homeless people, too, have the right to live with dignity, in peace and security. We live in one of the biggest republic countries and yet not everyone has a place they can call home. It is the duty of the Government that the necessities of the common person should be provided. We at Neeraja Service Organisation (NSO) believe everyone should have a shelter, access to other fundamental rights. Therefore, we started our advocacy by way of a campaign to fight homeless people's situation in Tirupati with the support of Action Aid.

To implement right based approach all, the direct interventions on the ground are being conducted by a cadre of trained homeless persons, and aim at securing for the poor and the homeless their rights available under our Constitution, UN covenants/convention, and or government welfare schemes.  

Neeraja Service Organisation (NSO) believes that the poor and homeless of Tirupati. Have the right to live in peace, with security and dignity, and to have equal social and political rights as all other citizens of Tirupati. Neeraja Service Organisation (NSO) has tried its best to firmly and consistently stand by the poor and homeless, keeping in view their needs and aspirations by planning and implementing needs appropriate activities and services.

The service-oriented approach aims at rendering services to the poor and homeless people keeping in view their most basic and immediate needs. These services include day and night shelters, holistic healthcare programs, and a food program for the children, sick including severely mentally ill patients undergoing treatment and in care, residential educational support to children, and providing clothing.

· Previously we conducted several volunteer programs in Orphanage homes.

· We Distributed Note Books, Rice bags, clothes, and food packets to the orphanage children.

· We regularly see several homeless people in nearby Temples, flyover, bus- stop, Railway stations, etc., and they didn’t have minimum security (i.e. Food, Clothes, Medical care, body care, etc.), some families are selling their kids for some amount, then they are surviving with that money.

· We took the decision immediately at that time to provide minimum security to them.

· From the Initial Start of organisation onwards, we decided to serve directly to the homeless people.

· If we give support for orphans, then we can stop drug addicts, save children from becoming thieves & child labour.

· Our prime purpose in this life is to help others, if you help others to achieve their dreams, you will achieve yours.

· Service to them seems to be paying rent to ourselves.

· The strongest people make time to help others

· The happiest people I know are those who make time for themselves in the service of others.

       If you can’t FEED the hundred persons, Then FEED ONE PERSON.

· Helping people by serving food, clothes, etc.

· Gather any clothes, toys, household goods that you’re not using and donate them to local homeless people.

· If you can’t do anything just be calm. The next time you see a homeless person on a street, don’t just look away. “If you see the same guy on the street corner every day, find out his name and talk to him. It might save his life.


 Neeraja Service Organisation Vision:

· To mobilize, empower and strengthen homeless people so that they can assert their rights to live with honour and dignity.

· To make the citizens of Tirupati recognize that the homeless have inalienable rights and that it is their responsibility to help the homeless life with dignity.

· To ensure that vulnerable homeless people can improve their quality of life by providing certain lifesaving services to the poor and homeless to manage basic needs such as shelters, medical care, clothes, food, legal aid, and education to homeless children, etc.


  1. Educate the homeless people and try to create some self-employment.

  2. Will arrange shelter for the homeless.

  3. Will conduct medical camps for the homeless.

  4. We can provide food and daily needs of the homeless.

  5. Will stop child labor.

  6. For getting these daily minimum needs Some of them are choosing Wrong

  7. paths like Stealing, Smuggling, Threatening others for Money to control this, we took a small initiative Step.

  8. We formed an organization to help some of them and we will provide some daily needs and we will guide them to choose the right path.

  9. We Have to stop the child labor to do that first we have to interact with children and with their parents and motivate them to join the school

  10. We must help homeless physical handicap Persons.

  11. Nowadays the Main issue of economically Poor People is Food and Shelter and some other things like clothes etc.